Makara Sankranti Puja - Sri Surya Narayana Poojai - Tamil | by GiriAus Publications/ Devotional Book

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Sku : 9100181

Language : Tamil

Publisher : Giri

Page : 48

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• Introducing ""Mahara Sankaranthi Poojai (Sri Surya Narayana Poojai)"" - a Tamil book that guides you through the auspicious rituals and practices associated with the Sankranti festival, specifically focusing on the worship of Lord Surya Narayana. 
•  In this comprehensive and insightful book, you will discover the significance and symbolism behind the Sankranti festival and the worship of Lord Surya Narayana, who is revered as the Sun God and the giver of life and energy. 
•  This Hindu Bhakti book provides step-by-step instructions, along with detailed explanations and verses, to help you perform the sacred pooja (worship) with utmost devotion and reverence. 
•  With ""Mahara Sankaranthi Poojai (Sri Surya Narayana Poojai),"" you will learn about the essential items required for the pooja, the proper procedure to follow, and the mantras and prayers to recite. 
•  This Hindu spiritual book not only guides you through the rituals but also enlightens you about the spiritual significance of each aspect of the pooja, enhancing your understanding and connection with the divine. 
•  Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the tradition, this book serves as a valuable resource, providing a comprehensive and authentic guide to observing the Sankranti festival and performing the Surya Narayana Pooja. 
•  Embrace the traditions, celebrate the auspiciousness of Sankranti, and experience the divine grace of Lord Surya Narayana through this enlightening book.