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Language : Tamil

Author : Kavigr Kandasan

Publisher : Kandasan Pathippagam

Page : 24

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•One of the most renowned Tamil writers and poets, Kavingar Kannadasan, wrote the novel "Manavasam" in the Tamil language. The life and problems of those residing in a refugee camp following the 1947 India-Pakistan split are discussed in the novel, which was published in 1966.
  •A group of refugees who have escaped from Pakistan to India and are residing in a camp in Delhi are the subject of the narrative. Rangan, a young guy who lost his family in the division and is fighting to make ends meet in the camp, is the book's protagonist.
  •The book examines the terrible realities of life in a refugee camp, such as social inequality, starvation, poverty, and sickness.
  •Despite its grim subject matter, "Manavasam" is a profound and poignant book that shows how the human spirit can persevere in the face of tragedy.
  •The work has become a classic of Tamil literature thanks to Kannadasan's realistic portrayals of the individuals and their problems, as well as his lyrical language and evocative imagery.
  •Both the theatrical adaptation and the movie of "Manavasam" have received rave reviews.
  •The book is still read and studied by Tamil readers and academics all over the world since it is a well-known and significant piece of Tamil literature.