Meenakshi Thazhampoo Kumkum Maroon

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Ancient Indian texts mention that women should apply Kumkum/Kumkuma on their forehead for marital bliss and the health of their progeny. Thus evolved the unique custom of Indian women wearing a red dot or Bindi on their forehead.

Thazampoo/Ketaki or flower from the screw pine plant looks like yellow leaves and with the lotus flower, is associated with the goddess Lakshmi. The fragrance is unique and said to bring fortune and wealth.

Performing Archana to the female deities - Sri Lakshmi, Sri Durga, and Sri Saraswathi using Kumkum mixed with thazhampoo brings blessings in abundance. Offering Kumkuma to sumangalis, sukanyas during Navaratri and auspicious occasions is a tradition.


Handpicked turmeric and other natural substances in the right proportions give it a dark red color. The blend of turmeric and extract of thazhampoo essences give it a wonderful fragrance. Traditional methods were used with unadulterated ingredients and following specialized processes.


* Can be used for daily puja in the puja room
* Can be gifted to temples and for other rituals/religious functions
* The dimensions are mentioned in the additional information section