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Sku : 91163820

Language : Tamil

Author : Sujatha

Publisher : Thirumagal Nilayam

Page : 328

Height : 7 Inch

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•A prolific author who published in a range of genres, including science fiction, mystery fiction, and social commentary, Sujatha Rangarajan was also a poet.
  •Meendum Jeeno is regarded as one of her most well-known and enduring compositions and has garnered several honors and prizes since its release.
  •Popular Tamil author Sujatha Rangarajan wrote the science fiction book Meendum Jeeno in the Tamil language. The 1982 debut of the book led to its subsequent status as a Tamil science fiction classic.
  •The plot of Meendum Jeeno centers on a failed time-travel experiment and the effects it has on the participants. The book examines issues including the nature of time, the morality of science, and the place of technology in contemporary society.
  •A young scientist called Arvind is the story's main character. He is collaborating on a time-travel project alongside his brilliant but unpredictable coworker, Jeeno.
  •Arvind is taken to the far future after Jeeno's experiments go wrong, where he finds a world that is very different from the one he is familiar with.
  •The work is renowned for its original storyline, compelling cast of characters, and philosophical profundity. It gives a distinctive viewpoint on science fiction while including social criticism, romance, and adventure.