More Jataka Tales-English

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Sku : 911559563

Language : English

Author : Rajesh Kavassery

Publisher : Sura Books

Page : 124

Height : 9 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 6 Inch

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This Book Contains The Kind Stag, The Brave Prince Five - Weapons, The Foolish Monkeys, The Kind - Herated Elephant, The Brave Monkey Prince, The rich man and the gana of drunkards, The clever king of the wolves, The king and the foolish monkey, The three fishes. The foolish sal Tree, The Four Young Princes, The Clever Chief of the Rats, The Poor Farmer, The Three Friends, The Rich masnis Bull, The Lion and the woodpecker, The wish leader, The Clever Wolf, The King of the crows, The Drummer and his foolish son, The young man and his teacher, The old father and his ungrateful son, The hawks and their friends, The noble birds and the hunter, The Little bow Man, The Buttermilk wise man, The Monkey Kings Heroic Deep, The King and the wise dog, The King and the head monk, The crab and the crane, The Prince good speaker, The Water demon, The ass in the lions skin.