Mounishwaran - French | Book on Tamil Folk Deity/ by GiriAus Publications/ Paperback

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Language : French

Publisher : Giri

Page : 48

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This book has been translated into French language (and more) for the benefit of those who are willing to learn more about the not-so-well-known parts of Indian culture, through the language they understand.
 About The Title:
•  Munishwaran/Muniswaran/Muneeshwarar is one of the Gods worshipped in the rural villages of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in South India. 
•  As one of the ""Kaval Deivams"" or deities of the village border, he is considered an incarnation of God Shiva himself or Shiva Swaroopam. Although Mounishwaran shares similarities with Shiva, he is nevertheless distinct from the latter in his nature.
•  An uncommon deity in terms of worship, particularly in South India, Munishwaran is believed to instill fear in the minds of those who are irreverent to him. 
•  The villagers who regard him as part of their folk tradition are known to name their children after him - Muniyappa, Munousamy, Muniyamma, Muniyandi and so on; not only because of his venerable nature, but also because they believe that the birth of the child is the consequence of their worship of him. 
•  The deity is usually represented by a block of stone (or) a tree with the faith that he manifests as such. 
•  He is similar and often compared to ""Karuppannasamy"", another God of village origin. Munishwaran, as a deity, has evolved over time from his local and primitive origins, and is presently included in the line of Vedic gods.