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The Panchaloham Set Coin is a meticulously crafted and symbolic piece of art that holds significant cultural and historical importance. Made from Panchaloham, a sacred alloy of five metals, this coin represents a blend of spiritual and aesthetic values. The benefits of using this panchalogam set are that it brings prosperity, peace, and happiness in life. This panchalogam set can also be gifted to neighbours, friends and relatives during any auspicious occasions especially like grahapravesam.

 • The coin is made from Panchaloham, a traditional alloy consisting of five metals—gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron. Each metal contributes its unique properties to create a harmonious and balanced composition.
 • The coin features intricate engravings and embossments that reflect the rich cultural heritage and symbolism associated with the Panchaloham alloy. The designs may include religious motifs, ancient symbols, or intricate patterns that depict various aspects of spirituality, mythology, or traditional art.
 • Each Panchaloham Set Coin is carefully crafted by skilled artisans who specialize in traditional metalwork. The coin undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure its authenticity, quality, and durability.
 • Panchaloham has deep spiritual significance in many cultures and is believed to possess auspicious and healing properties. Owning and carrying a Panchaloham Set Coin is considered a source of positive energy, protection, and spiritual well-being.
 • The Panchaloham Set Coin is not only a spiritual artifact but also a valuable collectible item. Due to its cultural and historical significance, it is often sought after by collectors, art enthusiasts, and individuals interested in ancient traditions.
 • The coin is typically encased in a protective covering or packaging that showcases its beauty while preserving its integrity. Some sets may include a stand or frame for display purposes, allowing you to showcase the coin as an art piece in your puja, home or office.
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