The Jackal and the Wardrum: Panchatantra Stories (English) | Chandiramani | Amar Chitra Katha | Comic Book

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Language : English

Publisher : Amar Chitra Katha

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•The popular tale ""The Jackal and the Wardrum"" is taken from the Panchatantra, a collection of animal tales that dates back to ancient India.
• A collection of moral stories known as the Panchatantra is thought to have originated in India and was written in the third century BCE. It is made up of a number of interrelated tales that use the behaviour and interactions of anthropomorphic animals to teach wisdom and valuable life lessons.
• In the tale ""The Jackal and the Wardrum,"" a jackal meets some musicians who have left a wardrum behind. The jackal decides to try playing the drum after approaching it with curiosity. The deafening noise he makes as he beats the drum frightens him and wakes up the local people, who rush for cover.
• The jackal decides to go after realising that he has unintentionally created difficulty for himself.
• The moral of the story warns against tampering with something you don't understand. It draws attention to the negative effects of acting on impulse and exhorts the reader to exercise caution when entering uncharted territory.
• The Panchatantra has a large number of tales, ""The Jackal and the Wardrum"" being only one of them. 
• The entire collection covers a range of topics, including moral principles, executive ability, political management, and interpersonal ties. 
• To make the tales realistic and interesting for readers of all ages, they are frequently narrated with a dash of humour and frequently include animals as characters.