Pul Pavithiram-Pooja & Homam

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Height : 3.5 Inch

Depth : 1.0 Inch

No of Sticks

Like Pul Koorcham, Pul Pavitram refers to specials rings made of dried blades of Dharbai to be worn as intructed during Hindu homams, rituals.

* Dharbai Pavitram (rings made from Dharbai), are worn by priests (or at home) whenever prayer rituals are conducted.
* These rings help to shield the wearer from negative spiritual energies and to energize their prayers.
* Dharbai Pavitram (rings) should be made with 1 blade for funerals and other rituals of death; with 2 blades for regular, home worship offered for oneself and family; with 3 blades for rituals for the ancestors like tharpanam and śrāddham; and with 4 blades for Temple worship / prayers for others.
* This bundle contains 10 sticks of Two Pul Pavithram (Darbai).