Giri 2 & 3 Pul Pavithiram - 5 & 10 Sticks | Darbha Grass for Pooja, Rituals,Homam/ Two And Three Pul Pavitram

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Height : 3.5 Inch

Depth : 1.0 Inch

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• Dharbai Pul Pavitram is made from a special type of sacred grass called Dharbai, also known as Darbha or Kusa grass. Dharbai Pavitram (rings made from Dharbai), are worn by priests (or at home) whenever prayer rituals are conducted. These rings help to shield the wearer from negative spiritual energies and to energize their prayers.
• Dharbai Pavitram (rings) should be made with 1 blade for funerals and other such related rituals; with 2 blades for regular rituals, home worship offered for oneself and family; with 3 blades for rituals for the ancestors like tharpanam and śrōddham; and with 4 blades for Temple worship/ prayers for others.
• Dharbai Pul Pavitram is commonly used in ceremonies such as weddings, yagnas (sacrificial rituals), and other religious rites.
• It is used to purify the surroundings, idols, and participants in religious rituals.
• These pavitrams (braided loops) are traditionally handcrafted by skilled artisans who weave the grass into intricate patterns.
• Dharbai Pul Pavitram comes in various lengths and designs, with multiple loops for ease of use in rituals.
• Dharbai is a natural and biodegradable material, aligning with eco-conscious values.
• It is often offered to deities and used during ceremonies to seek blessings and protection.
• The use of Dharbai Pul Pavitram dates back to ancient Hindu traditions and is an integral part of many rituals.