Ramayana Kaviyam ( Rama Unaku Samanam Evaro ) - Tamil | by GiriAus Publications | Soft Cover

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•The Tamil novel ""Rama Unakku Samanam Evaro"" was authored by Lalitha Balasubramaniyan. The English translation of the title is ""Who is equal to you, Rama?""
• The tamil novel book is a retelling of the Hindu epic Ramayana from Sita's viewpoint as Lord Rama's wife. It presents Sita as a confident woman who doesn't hesitate to challenge patriarchal ideals and society's standards. The battle for self-identity and agency, as well as themes of love and devotion, are all explored throughout the narrative.
• This completed tamil novel book's title is derived from a passage in a Tamil hymn extolling Lord Rama's magnificence and qualities. 
• The title's open-ended query expresses the desire of the lead character to comprehend the underlying motivations of her devoted spouse and his deeds, particularly in light of her own suffering and the difficulties she encounters.
• When ""Rama Unakku Samanam Evaro"" was released in 1988, it won praise from critics for its distinctive viewpoint and feminist themes. 
• The novel is still a well-known and significant piece of Tamil literature despite having been translated into a number of other Indian languages.