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"•Hindus uses the term ""ramakoti"" to describe the recital of Lord Rama's name. Books called Ramakoti contain a list of Lord Rama-related names or mantras that are intended to be chanted aloud as an act of devotion or prayer.
•A list of 100,000–1,000,000 names of Lord Rama is frequently found in Ramakoti texts; these names are intended to be chanted as a sort of Japa, or meditation.
•Japa is a widespread practise in Hinduism and other spiritual traditions as a means of establishing a connection with the divine. Japa is the repetition of a mantra or sacred word.
•It is believed that reciting the names of Lord Rama is a potent spiritual practise that can aid in mental and emotional purification, strengthen one's devotion and faith, and result in spiritual development and enlightenment.
•Ramakoti books, which offer a comprehensive list of names or mantras linked with Lord Rama that can be recited on a daily basis, are frequently utilised by devotees as a tool for this practise.
•Overall, Ramakoti literature is a testament to the Hindu tradition's continuing value and emphasis on devotion, and many people still find great value in it today."