GiriAus Colour Kolam Powder | Kola Mavu/ Kola Podi/ Rangoli Powder for Home Decor

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• Get ready for the festive season by decorating your homes with colourful rangoli powders, as a gesture to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. 
 • Colour kolam podi, also known as rangoli powder, is a type of coloured powder used to create decorative patterns and designs on the ground as part of traditional Indian art forms such as kolam and rangoli. 
 • Kolam is a popular art form in South India, where intricate and vibrant designs are created using finely ground rice powder or coloured powders. 
 • Colour Kolam powder is available in a wide range of bright and vibrant colours, including red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, and more. The powders are usually made from natural ingredients and are non-toxic, making them safe for use. 
 • To create a kolam design, it typically starts by drawing a basic outline on the ground using white kolam powder, then carefully filling in the design with different colours of kolam powder. 
 • The powders are sprinkled or poured onto the designated areas to create a visually striking and colourful pattern. 
 • Colour Kolam powder adds a festive and artistic touch to various celebrations, such as Diwali, Pongal, Navratri, and weddings. 
 • Kolam is not only a decorative art form but also holds cultural and spiritual significance in Indian traditions.  
 • It is believed to invite positive energy, prosperity, and good luck into the home. 
 • Additionally, it serves as a welcoming gesture for guests and as a way to honor Deities during religious ceremonies.