Radel Saarang Maestro DX Digital Tanpura | Mantra Box/ Chanting Box/ Devotional Songs

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Sku : 24637012

Height : 23 Inch

Depth : 9 Inch

Width : 14 Inch

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"• Saarang Maestro Dx is a digital tanpura and tabla player, designed to simulate the sound of traditional Indian instruments. It is a popular choice among musicians, especially in the field of Indian classical music, as it provides a convenient and high-quality alternative to traditional instruments.
• This equipment, - Sarang Maestro Dx, is a tampura sruti box of the highest order, digitally created to support musicians. Programmed in such a way, this produces sound of multiple tampura with 4-5 strings.
• The initial four tunes can be automatically tuned, and the fifth is required to be tuned manually. This is a cutting-edge, technology-driven product highly preferred by music professionals.
• The Saarang Maestro DX offers a range of features and settings to allow users to customise their playing experience. It comes with a variety of pre-set rhythms, scales, and tempos, and users can also create their own customised settings.
• One of the key advantages of the Saarang Maestro Dx is its portability and convenience. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and set up for performances or practise sessions.
• The device can also be connected to external speakers or amplifiers, providing a high-quality sound output for performances and recordings.
• Its portability, ease of use, and high-quality sound output make it an excellent choice for musicians looking for a modern alternative to traditional instruments.