Radel Saarang Magic Plus Tanpura Shruti Box | Mantra Box/ Chanting Box/ Devotional Songs

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Sku : 24637011

Height : 16 Inch

Depth : 15 Inch

Width : 10 Inch

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"•An electronic tanpura, or drone instrument, like the Saarang Maestro is frequently used in Indian classical music.
•The Saarang Maestro is an electronic instrument that employs cutting-edge digital technology to produce a sound that is meant to resemble that of a traditional tanpura.
•The Saarang Maestro's high degree of adaptability is one of its key benefits. It has a number of settings that let the user change the instrument's pitch, loudness, and tone to fit their requirements and tastes.
•It can thus be utilised in a number of musical settings, including solo performances and ensemble performances, making it a versatile instrument.
•Overall, the Saarang Maestro electronic tanpura has contributed to a revolution in the way that Indian classical music is played and practised.
•It is a well-known and commonly used instrument.
• It is recognised as one of the best electronic tanpuras available right now due to its excellent tone and programmable settings, which have made it a popular choice among musicians and students alike."