Sabda Manjari - Enlarged Edition with Footnotes and Glossary - English & Sanskrit | by K L V Sastri/ R. S. Vadhyar & Sons

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Sku : 9112441

Language : English , Sanskrit

Author : K L V Sastri

Publisher : R S Vadhyar & Sons

Page : 160

Height : 18 Inch

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• The Indian scholar and grammarian Vararuchi is the author of the Sanskrit grammar text ""Shabda Manjari."" The book gives a thorough breakdown of the grammar, syntax, and lexicon of the Sanskrit language.
• Each portion of the work, which is broken up into numerous parts, focuses on a distinct facet of language. The Sanskrit alphabet and pronunciation are covered in the first portion, while noun and adjective declension are covered in the second section. 
• Verb conjugation is covered in the third segment, while complex words and syntax are covered in the fourth.
• For Sanskrit students as well as academics and researchers interested in the language, ""Shabda Manjari"" is a crucial work. It is renowned for its thorough use of examples and activities to enhance learning as well as for its succinct and straightforward explanations of difficult grammar topics.
• The book's easy-to-read writing style makes it suitable for both beginning and experienced Sanskrit students. In India's traditional Sanskrit schools, it is one of the most well-known and authoritative books on Sanskrit grammar.