Sangu Tantram - Tamil | by GiriAus Publications/ K. Muneeshwaran, Author

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Shangu Tantram is a Hindu Spiritual book in the field of Tantra, written by K. Munishwaran. Tantra is a spiritual tradition that originated in India and is focused on the transformation of energy and consciousness. The word "Shangu" refers to a conch shell, which is considered a sacred object in many cultures. This Bhakti book explores the spiritual significance of the conch shell and its use in Tantra. It discusses various practices and rituals related to the conch shell, such as blowing the conch during ceremonies, using it as a tool for meditation, and incorporating it into the worship of deities. This GiriAus  book also delves into the symbolism and metaphysical aspects of the conch shell, exploring its connection to the chakras and the energy centers of the body. It discusses the conch shell's association with the god Vishnu and the importance of devotion to Vishnu in Tantra. This text provides a deep exploration of the spiritual significance of the conch shell in Tantra, and offers insights into the practices and beliefs of this ancient tradition.