Shastradipika-Tarka Pada Of Parthasarathi Misra

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Language : English - Sanskrit

Publisher : Giri

Page : 408

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About the Book : The Shastradipka Mira is a very important prose text_(11th Century A.D.) on epistemology of the Bh?ƒ?§mma School of M??m?ƒ?§ms?ƒ?§. Owing to the depth of the topics discussed and intricate arguments with the tenets of the other schools of Indian Philosophy notably S?ƒ?§nkhya, Ny?ƒ?§ya, Advaita and Buddhism, it is considered a difficult text. This volume consists of the first section, Tarka P?ƒ?§da, along with Sanskrit commentary Viv??ti, both divided into sections with corresponding numbers for the reader’???s convenience. It explains the text completely in simple terms enabling students to grasp the ideas thoroughly and fully appreciate its beauty and richness.


About The Author : Mah?ƒ?§mahop?ƒ?§dhy?ƒ?§ya R. Mani Dravid, has given brilliant exposition in Sanskrit which are wonderful in their lucidity and technical precision. Sharda Narayanan has given the notes in English which provides a gist of the issues involved and briefly present the main line of argument