Sastradipika - Tarka Pada Of Parthasarathi Misra - English | R. Mani Dravid & Sharda Narayanan/ Giri Publication

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Language : English - Sanskrit

Publisher : Giri

Page : 408

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•Parthasarathi Misra, a notable Indian philosopher and scholar, wrote the book "Shastradipika-Tarka Pada".
•An overview of the Nyaya and Vaisheshika schools of Indian philosophy is given in the book's commentary on the "Tarka Sangraha," an old Indian treatise.
•Misra offers a thorough and perceptive study of the ideas and defenses put forth in "Shastradipika-Tarka Pada," which is a part of the "Tarka Sangraha."
•He addresses the nature of reality and the self, as well as concepts like perception, inference, categorization, and causality.
•For those interested in delving into the depths of human thinking and knowledge, as well as for students and researchers of Indian philosophy, the book is regarded as a great resource.
•Clarity, accuracy, and connection with various philosophical traditions and philosophers are all hallmarks of Misra's criticism.
•A memorial to Parthasarathi Misra's contributions to the area, "Shastradipika-Tarka Pada" is a notable work in the history of Indian philosophy.