Shodashopachar | 6 Pcs / Brass Shodashopachar for Puja / 350 Gms Approx

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  • Shodasa Upachara/Shodashopachar Puja refers to a 16-step, step-by-step puja ritual.
  • Upacharam is the word for serving with respect and affection. Here, "shodasa upachara set" refers to the 16 objects utilized in the puja offering. Usually, vedic chants are used to render it. Alternatively, this sacrifice should be made mentally (manasa puja) with the eyes closed.
  • All of these "Shodasha upachara pooja" are customary rituals performed in temples and at homes on important days.
  • The following rites are performed at temples dedicated to Gods or Goddesses. Alankaram, Utsavam, Neivethiyam, Aaradhana, Archanai, and Abishekam. Aaradhana includes the Shodasa Upachara Set. From deity to god, the 16 items of the Shodasa Upachara Set differ somewhat.
  • The five muga deepam, plate deepam, kumba deepam, step or adukku deepam, Nakshatra deepam, branch or Kilai arathi, etc. are among the common deepam elements of the Shodasa Upachara Set.

    The general articles of Shodasa upachara set are:
    • Offering of an umbrella at a chatram-kudai
    • Darpanam - Kannadi - Mirror Displaying
    • Chamaram - Fan
    • Flag
    • Surutti