Shree Ganesha Pooja Shree Vinayaka Chaturthi Pooja - Sanskrit - English (with English Instruction) | MB Publishers

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Sku : 91095025

Language : Sanskrit-English

Publisher : M B Publishers

Page : 80

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This book is a comprehensive guide that helps individuals perform the auspicious Sri Ganesha Puja during the Vinayaka Chathurthi festival. It explains the spiritual and cultural significance of the festival, highlighting the importance of Lord Ganesha as the remover of obstacles and the bestower of blessings and prosperity. It contains Sanskrit verses along with English translations and instructions, allowing both Sanskrit and non-Sanskrit speakers to conduct the puja with ease.
 Product Features:
•  The book is carefully structured to guide readers through each step of the Sri Ganesha Puja. It includes a collection of authentic Sanskrit mantras, shlokas, and prayers dedicated to Lord Ganesha. These Sanskrit verses are presented alongside their English translations, ensuring a clear understanding of the meaning and significance of each prayer.
•  The book provides detailed instructions on the rituals and procedures involved in the Sri Ganesha Puja. It covers aspects such as setting up the puja altar, preparing offerings (naivedyam), performing aarti (ritual of waving lights), and offering prayers to Lord Ganesha. The step-by-step instructions in English make it easy for readers to follow along and perform the puja accurately.
•  Along with the puja procedures, the book offers insights into the significance and symbolism associated with the Sri Ganesha Puja.
•  The book features a collection of prayers and chants dedicated to Lord Ganesha. These include popular bhajans, stotras (devotional hymns), and aaratis (ritualistic songs) that can be sung or recited during the puja. The Sanskrit verses are accompanied by their English translations, enabling readers to understand the meaning and significance of the prayers.
•  The contexts that it provides helps readers develop a deeper understanding of the traditions and customs associated with the puja.
•  The book is designed to be compact and easy to handle. It can be carried during the puja for quick reference, ensuring that readers have all the necessary information and instructions at their fingertips.