Sri Chakra Yantra - 3 x 3 Inches | Shree Chakra Yantram for Vastu/ Copper Material/ Sanskrit Text

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Sku : 5020593

Height : 3 Inch

Depth : 0.1 Inch

Width : 3 Inch

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• Shree Yantra is also known as Sri Chakra (""holy wheel""). Shri Yantra consists of a central point, which is a representation of the connection point between the physical universe and its absolute source.  
 • Shri yantra is believed that the Shree Yantra is a form of the Devi herself. In 2D form, it is referred to as Shree Yantra, while in 3D, it is called Mahameru. 
 • This central point is surrounded by nine interlocking triangles. All nine triangles are interlocked in such a way that they make a total of 43 smaller triangles in a web-like structure symbolising a womb or the entire cosmos. 
 • Shree Yantra is made of pure copper. The Sri Yantra is the source of supreme energy. 
 • The Sri chakra Yantra's energy effectively destroys all negative and unwanted energies in its vicinity and replaces them with positive vibration. 
 • Sri chakra yantra helps in attaining fortune, wealth, and overall prosperity in one’s life. 
 • It propels a person to success and removes roadblocks. 
 • Shri Yantra also gives mental peace and stability. 
 • It aids in the development of the spiritual self by assisting the individual in purging all impurities and achieving a pure state of mind. 
 • It has the great potential to liberate an individual from the cycle of birth and death.