Gajalakshmi Idol - 6.5 Inches | Gaja Lakshmi Statue for Home/ Gifts/ Fibre Material

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Sku : 642930

Material : Fibre

Height : 4.0 Inch

Depth : 3.0 Inch

Width : 9.5 Inch

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• The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, known as the Goddess of abundance, prosperity, and money, has a respected form called Sri Gajalakshmi. In this particular representation, Gajalakshmi is shown as the goddess seated on a lotus throne, receiving water from the trunks of elephants on either side. 
• In Sanskrit, ""Gaja"" is the word for ""elephant,"" while ""Lakshmi"" is the name of the Goddess. Elephants are used to represent regal grandeur, fertility, and auspiciousness in Gajalakshmi artwork. Gajalakshmi is thought to stand for the gifting of wealth, abundance, and material well-being. 
• Gajalakshmi idol is seen with four hands. The lotus blossoms she is holding in her front two hands stand for purity and beauty. 
• Her back two hands are depicted clutching additional lucky items, such as a pot of gold or grains, which stand for fertility and abundance. 
• Gajalakshmi worship is thought to bestow wealth, prosperity, and abundance in all facets of life. To invoke the blessings of Gajalakshmi, devotees give prayers, light lamps, chant mantras, and carry out rituals. Gajalakshmi devotion is particularly prevalent at festivals and lucky occurrences honouring the Goddess Lakshmi.
• In homes where the Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped as well as in temples dedicated to her, you can find a picture or representation of Sri Gajalakshmi. Gajalakshmi is regarded as being extremely auspicious and is thought to bestow favour and blessings upon her worshippers. 
• There are several representations of the Goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism, each emphasising a different facet of her divine qualities and blessings, despite the fact that Gajalakshmi is a particular form of Lakshmi linked with elephants. 
• This unique fibre material golu bommai is one of the devotees' favourites. 
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