Sri Mahabharatham - 10 Volumes Set - Tamil | by Nanthala/ Sri Bhagavan Nama Publications

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Sku : 91147100

Language : Tamil

Author : Ndhalala

Publisher : Sri Bhagavan ma Publications

Page : 8296

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•The Tamil-language book Sri Mahabharatham-Tamil Vasanam is a lyrical rendition of the old Indian epic Mahabharata.
  •One of the best-known Tamil translations of the Mahabharata, the book was written by Nanthala.
  •One of the two main Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the Mahabharata, is highly regarded in Hinduism.
  •It has several moral and philosophical lessons and narrates the tale of the Kurukshetra War between the Pandavas and Kauravas, two branches of a royal dynasty.
  •For many years, Tamil speakers have turned to the Mahabharatham, or Tamil translation of the Mahabharata, as a source of information and inspiration.