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Sku : 9116314

Language : Tamil

Author : Balakumaran

Publisher : Thirumagal Nilayam

Page : 36

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•Balakumaran, a well-known and active author of Tamil literature, wrote "Sri Ramana Maharishi" in the Tamil language. The biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi, a revered sage and spiritual teacher who lived in South India around the turn of the 20th century, details his life and teachings.
  •In addition to more than 150 books, Balakumaran also produced a large number of short stories, articles, and screenplays. He was renowned for his adaptability and capacity to engage readers from different backgrounds.
  •One of his most significant and enduring non-fiction books is "Sri Ramana Maharishi". The early years of Sri Ramana Maharshi, his spiritual awakening, and his later teachings and philosophy are all covered in this book.
  •It also explores his interactions with followers, his emphasis on self-examination and self-realization, and his conviction that all creatures are fundamentally one.
  •The language in this book by Balakumaran is renowned for its simplicity and clarity, which aid in making Sri Ramana Maharshi's profound spiritual teachings understandable.
  •The book is highly regarded as a useful tool for individuals wishing to learn more about Hinduism's spirituality and philosophy.