Sri Vaishnava Amavasyaa Tarpanam

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Language : Sanskrit - English

Publisher : Giri

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Karmas (duties) as laid out in Sastras are of four types, Nitya, Naimitika, Kamya and prayachita karmas. Depending upon the dharshanas of the path chosen by ones elders in the Family, these karmas are to be performed with austerity. Sri Vaishnavas, (those who have surrendered their souls to Sriman Narayana), need to fullfill these duties, as instructed and as per the wish of Sriman Narayana himself. This simple work contains in Sanskrit_(devanagari ) and English fonts, the mantras for performing Tharpanam with sanskrit transliteration of Sankalpa thithis, paksha, masa and nakshatras. It contains, a step by step process for performing this naimitya karma.