Tamil Letters Chart - Tamil

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Sku : 924014938

Language : Tamil

Height : 28 Inch

Width : 19 Inch

• A beautifully illustrated chart to teach Tamil to children Every alphabet box has a word starting with that alphabet as well as the respective image.
• Children learn and recognize words better with the help of images.
• This chart is ideal for engaging children's attention. Children learn more when they have fun.
• Beautiful illustrations grab children's attention, and simple design helps children learn better.
• The bold black letters can capture kids attention from any distance in a room. Use this chart as a tool to teach letter sounds.
• Tamil Alphabet Chart is a plastic film coated paper from both sides to assure its high tear resistance and durability.
• It is printed with graphical images and letters of the Tamil alphabets for easy learning. This chart is widely used at the nursery school level and can also be utilized at home for educating kids.
• This chart never catches dirt and stays new forever.
• A wrinkle-free and water-resistant chart to ensure that the chart lasts for a long time.