The Magnificent Bow – Rama Series – English | by Giri Publications | Soft Cover

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•Sharath Komarraju is the author of the book "The Magnificent Bow". The Ramayana, a Hindu epic, is retold in the book from the viewpoint of Sita, Rama's wife and the main character.
•From her early years until her marriage to Rama and the ensuing events that resulted in her captivity by the demonic king Ravana, the story traces Sita's life.
•It looks inside Sita's thoughts, feelings, and experiences as she tries to deal with her problems and makes decisions to defend herself and the people she cares about.
•"The Magnificent Bow" challenges the conventional interpretation of Sita as a helpless victim and emphasizes her power, resiliency, and agency in order to provide a fresh and nuanced take on the Ramayana.
•The book also discusses old Indian social and cultural standards and how they affected the lives of women like Sita.
•Overall, "The Magnificent Bow" is a provocative and compelling retelling of a timeless tale and a celebration of one of Hindu tradition's most well-known characters.