Thirukkural An Abridgement Of Sastras

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Language : English

Publisher : GIRI

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In this book, the author who is a world renowned Historian and Archeologist, explores the three Adhikarams of Tirukkural and compares the three with Dharmashastra, Athashastra and Natyashastra. He has also shown the deficiency of many modern interpretation, especially the Western scholars who have not studied Tirukkural from the Sanskrit background.

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Dr.R.Nagaswamy became the First Director of Archaeology, 1966 to 88. He also served as the first Vice Chancellor of the Kanchipuram University and Advisor to the Government of India to the UNESCO project in documenting cultural property. He has written over 50 books that are known for authenticity and appreciated all over the world. His articles have been published in all the major languages of the world by UNESCO. He has been conferred honours like "Kalaimamani" by the Tamilnadu government and also all the leading cultural institutions in the state.