Thiruvachi Mariamman - 12 Inch | GiriAus Golu Doll/ Stone Finish/ Navratri Bommai/ Gifts/ Showpiece

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Sku : 6980184

Height : 12 Inch

Depth : 3 Inch

Width : 8 Inch

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Thiruvachi Mariyamman is a significant Goddess in Tamil Nadu, revered for her protective powers and her ability to ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity to her devotees. She is believed to be the embodiment of divine energy, symbolizing strength, courage, and fertility. Thiruvachi Mariamman is believed to be an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. According to mythology, she manifested herself to protect and bless her devotees during a time of distress and epidemics. The word ""Thiruvachi"" in Tamil means ""sacred bow,"" and Mariamman is a title used to address a motherly figure or a powerful goddess. Together, Thiruvachi Mariamman represents the powerful and protective aspect of the divine feminine energy. Devotees of Thiruvachi Mariamman believe that she has the power to ward off evil spirits, diseases, and misfortunes. They seek her blessings and perform rituals to appease her during times of distress.
Product Features:
• Thiruvachi Mariamman is often depicted with a fierce expression, symbolizing her protective nature. She is adorned with traditional attire, jewelry, and sometimes holds weapons or a bow, emphasizing her role as a warrior goddess.
• This Golu doll beautifully captures the essence of Thiruvachi Mariyamman with its meticulous detailing and lifelike features. The stone finish gives it a unique and authentic look, enhancing its divine aura. The doll stands gracefully, adorned with traditional attire and jewelry, showcasing the goddess in all her glory.
• It not only embodies the essence of divinity but also serves as a visual reminder of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Tamil Nadu.
• Embrace the beauty and spirituality of Thiruvachi Mariyamman with this exquisite Golu doll, and let her presence bring blessings, prosperity, and joy to your home.
• Plenty of exclusive traditional based products only at GiriAus . Visit our stores and website to embrace our culture and tradition. This is a perfect addition to your home shrine or golu doll display during festive occasions like Navaratri and Dussehra. Dassara dolls are available in various styles on our website. This golu bommai/kolu bommai set makes for a thoughtful gift.