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The Tamil poet ArunaGiriAus nathar, who lived in the 15th century, was a follower of Lord Murugan, the Hindu deity of fight and triumph. He is well-known for his literary creations, commonly referred to as Thiruppugazh, which include more than 1,300 hymns praising Lord Murugan. The Thiruppugazh is highly regarded in Tamil Nadu and among Lord Murugan believers worldwide as one of the best masterpieces of Tamil literature.
 According to legend, ArunaGiriAus nathar was born at Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. RatnaGiriAus  Nathar was his original name. He is said to have led an indulgent and extravagant life before experiencing a spiritual awakening and dedicating himself to Lord Murugan.

About the book:
• The Tamil poet-saint ArunaGiriAus nathar wrote the devotional book Thula Kaveri Mahatmyam. 
• It extols the virtues of the Kaveri River, highlighting its importance in Srirangam, one of the most sacred locations for Vaishnavites. 
• The different tirthas (holy locations) along the river are discussed throughout the text, as well as the ancient legends surrounding them. 
• The rites and offerings connected to the numerous deities who are claimed to live on the banks of the Kaveri are also described. 
• One excellent resource for learning about Tamil Nadu's religious and cultural past is Thula Kaveri Mahatmyam.
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