Thiruppugazh Tenamudam - Tamil | By Umabalasubaramanian/ Giri Publications | Murugan Devotional Book

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• Introducing the soul-stirring Tamil book, "Tiruppugazh Tenamudam," authored by Uma Balasubramanian. Step into the realm of divine devotion as this book unravels the profound beauty and spiritual significance of Tiruppugazh, the timeless collection of hymns composed by the great saint-poet Arunagirinathar.
  • The verses of Tiruppugazh are a testament to the indomitable spirit, unwavering faith, and deep devotion of Lord Murugan.
  • Uma Balasubramanian's passion for Tiruppugazh shines through as she navigates through the verses, unravelling their meaning and guiding readers towards a deeper understanding of the hymns' essence.
  • With eloquence and reverence, this book illuminates the transformative power of Tiruppugazh, highlighting its ability to uplift the soul and ignite a profound spiritual awakening.
  • Uma Balasubramanian's expertise and deep connection to Tiruppugazh make this book a valuable resource for both scholars and devotees.
  • Within the pages of "Tiruppugazh Tenamudam," you will embark on a sacred journey, exploring the themes of devotion, surrender, and the pursuit of divine union.
  • The book serves as a spiritual companion, offering guidance and inspiration as you immerse yourself in the divine verses of Arunagirinathar.
  • Through its meticulous presentation and insightful commentary, "Tiruppugazh Tenamudam" reveals the universal truths and eternal wisdom embedded in Tiruppugazh. It encourages readers to embrace the hymns' profound teachings and apply them to their own spiritual journeys.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating world of "Tiruppugazh Tenamudam" and allow Uma Balasubramanian's insightful commentary to deepen your understanding and appreciation of Tiruppugazh's timeless beauty.
  • Let the hymns' melodies echo in your heart and awaken your soul to the divine presence that permeates every word.