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Publisher : Giri


• Udaka Shanti contains information on the worship of Lord Varuna in Kumbha and the chanting of Shanti Mantras with Tirtha. 
•  The Shanti Mantras, or ""Peace"" or Pancha Shanti mantras, are Hindu prayers for peace (shanti) found in the Upanishads. Generally, they are recited at the beginning and end of religious rituals and discourses. They are supposed to calm the mind and environment of the reciter. Reciting them is also believed to be removing any obstacles for the task being started. Shanti Mantras always end with the sacred syllable Om (auṃ) and three utterances of the word ""shanti"" which means ""peace"". The reason for uttering three times is for calming and removing obstacles in the three realms.
•  It is a custom to pray to the deity with the tirtha and hymns, with the goal of all ills, sins, drishti & negativity to be removed, and the holy prasad which is meant to be enhanced by the power of mantras.
•  Mantras for increasing lifespan, Jayati Mantras, Suktam for Tanya growth, Suktam for developing strength, Rakshogna Mantra, Bhavamana Suktam, Nakshatra Suktam are all included in Utaka Shanti Japa. 
•  By chanting this japa the grace of all devas will be cultivated. Hence, it takes the first place in all pious rituals.
•  Bodhayana Maharishi says: ""Janma Nakshatra, Punya Nakshatra, Vivaha- Chaula - Upanayana - Samavarthana - Agniathe Yadishu Anyeshu Mangala Karyeshu Krahoparake Krahotpade Va Dvipadsu Satushpadsua Payam Vintedada Cha'antimarapeda"" : This Utaka Shanti Mantra should be chanted in Janma Nakshatra, Punya Nakshatra, Vivaham, Chellam, Upanayanam, Samavarthanam, Agni Adhanam and other auspicious events, during eclipse periods, planetary alignments and during daytime to thwart malignant forces.