Folding Ram Darbar Set - 5.3 Inches | Ramar Set for Pooja/ Showpiece/ 480 Gms Approx

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Height : 5.3 Inch

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King Ram was a legendary king of Ayodhya, the heir of King Dasharatha, and the central figure in the Ramayana. The King has often been depicted in art with the scene of him presiding over a gathering of his ministers, advisors, and other important people in his kingdom, in his Durbar or royal court. As a king, Ram had the responsibility of maintaining law and order in his kingdom, overseeing the administration of justice, and making decisions related to the welfare of his people. In the durbar, he would have listened to the grievances of his subjects and tried to address them, while also consulting with his advisors on matters of governance, diplomacy, and military strategy.

Product Features:
• Pictured here is a Golden Antique set of Ram, Lakshman and Sita in the Royal Durbar. The three of them are elegantly carved within a unique closing-type case which opens up to them, side by side in a separate case for each. The serene design is perfect for puja, shelf or golu display. Bring your loved ones joy by presenting this regal piece during festive seasons.
• Keeping the vigraham of Ram Darbar at home is believed to be good for improving domestic harmony and good luck. Whenever there is a chant of Ramcharitmanas, it is a requirememt to keep Ram Darbar at chanting place, where Hanuman is said to reside and listen to the Ramayana narration.
• The durbar is a place of both formal ceremony and informal discussion, where the king could engage with his subjects and gain insight into their concerns and needs.
• The set creates a royal atmosphere that adds a regal charm when displayed.
• A wonderful way of telling stories is through displays of art. This Ram Durbar set will open up a perspective of the Ramayana that instills curiosity and will allow children to learn more about the characters integral in shaping Indian Mythology.