Giri Umi - 100 Grams | Rice Hulls or Nel Husks | for Homa and Havan/ 100gms

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Sku : 4200274

Height : 5 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 5 Inch

Rice hulls or rice husks, also known as Nel/Umi/Biojism/grass rice removed from the husk, is used for many purposes in India. It is heavily fibrous and used along with various raw materials in terms of construction, fertilisation, farming, insulation material & fuel. The oil content it holds is also very valuable.


* Has a lot of religious significance in Hinduism. Since paddy mills are related to harvest, it is symbolically used in harvest festivals (like Pongal, Sankaranthi).
* Used to pay obeisance in rituals conducted - homam, havan kund.
* Rice husk is used in India for many uses because it is rot-proof and unassailable by insects.
* Can utilise as litter in stables, mulch. It is also combustible and fit for fuel purposes.
* This mixture will allow the clay to avoid cracking on drying.
* Nel/Umi is kept in a small quantity, usually in a sachet, in puja rooms, as it is considered auspicious and blessed as a prasadam.
* It is also sometimes mixed with Akshadai, or rice grains mixed with turmeric, used by elders while giving blessings.
* Available on our website in different quantities.