GiriAus USB - Divine Margazhi Bhajans - 30 Songs | Music Card/ Sung by Sikkil Gurucharan

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• Our USB drive is a unique and convenient way to carry a collection of top bhajans with you wherever you go. 
 • This USB contains a collection of beautiful Indian classical and devotional music that plays nonstop. 
 • This USB features a carefully curated selection of soul-stirring bhajans that are traditionally sung during the auspicious month of Margazhi. 
 • There are a total of 60 songs or stotras on it, all performed by Sikkil Gurucharan. The Divine Margazhi Bhajans contain Tirpavai and Tiruvempavai. 
 • Regular chanting of these bhajans brings harmony and prosperity and calms and soothes your mind and soul. 
 • It is believed that the recitation of this song helps in removing obstacles and attaining success. beautifully constructed on a high-quality audio card for handy listening. 
 • The singer's melodious tune will transport you to the realm of spirituality. 
 • Simply plug it into any USB port and access a wealth of spiritual knowledge at your fingertips.  
 • These songs can be copied to Windows laptops, PCs, Macbooks, iMacs, or any media with USB connectivity. 
 • This pendrive can also be a delightful gift for someone with great taste in music. Start your day with these powerful bhajans. 
 • Your mind will become more focused and relaxed after chanting the Margazhi Bhajans. The bhajans are one of Margazhi's distinctive features. 
 • The choral singing adds a beautiful touch to the brisk morning breeze that carries a variety of sounds, including Tiruppavai and Thevaram, and is accompanied by chaplakattai, harmonium, and mridangam. 
 • With the convenience of a USB, you can easily access these top bhajans anytime, anywhere. 
 • Whether you're at home, in your car, or on the go, you'll have access to hours of uplifting and inspiring music that will transport you to a place of peace and spiritual bliss.