Vasantha Kelikkai - Pavalimbu - Tamil | by GiriAus Publications/ S. V. Narayana Bhagavathar, Author

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Publisher : Giri

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• It is said in the scriptures that the Lord who was worshipped in previous yugas by Thapas, Puja, etc., grants supreme bliss in this Kaliyuga to those who chant Namavali. 
•  Bhagavadottamars are engaged in spreading the name of Bhagavadottama all over the country with the theme of divine seeking. 
•  The main purpose of this book is to spread the idea that everything in life must be taken in one’s stride, with a lighthearted attitude. 
•  “Kelikkai” literally translates to “game”/”fun”, which goes on to hint that this book is about treating the worship of God with a merry, cheerful devotion. 
•  The contents make it clear that everyone who comes to this world will leave as a game, but the simple means of attaining the real goal can be learned through such a game. 
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