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• Shaivism is considered to be one of the oldest sect of Hinduism as we know of it today. Its antiquity is believed to be rooted in the prehistoric traditions of ancient India.
• The early Vedic Indians worshipped an aspect of Lord Shiva, known as Rudra, whom they both feared and revered. He was invoked in the various mantras for protection. 
• By the time the Puranas were composed, Lord Shiva was elevated to a higher status and His worship became popular in many parts of the Indian subcontinent with various temples and pilgrim spots being associated with Him.  
• Originally written by Sri S. Kothandaraman in Tamil as a response to certain arguments of some leading Tamil scholars who have opined that Vedas have nothing to do with Saivam.  
• To clear the air, this book was published presenting facts from various sources about the close bonds between Vedas and Saivam. It traces the history of Saivam in all its aspects from the period of Vedas up to the modern days and proves that Saivam, a sect of Hinduism, is a product of evolution over a period of time as the Vedas themselves have evolved over years.  
• Having gone through the Tamil version, Mr S.Ponnuswamy, a Retired Railway officer, hailing from an old Saivite family, translated this book in a very lucid English. A well researched study on the origin, association and development of Shaivism through the vedic age. 
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