Vellai Nirathil Oru Poonai - Tamil | by Lakshmi/ Thirumagal Nilayam Publications/ Fictional Book

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Language : Tamil

Publisher : Thirumagal Nilayam

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•Lakshmi is the author of the Tamil novel "Vellai Nirathil Oru Poonai". The phrase "A Cat on a White Roof" is the title's English translation.
  •The story, which was first published in 1968, centers on a little girl named Kalyani, who lives in a traditional Brahmin household in a tiny Tamil Nadu village.
  •Kalyani is a bright and aspirational young woman who hopes to pursue higher education and achieve financial independence. However, the rigid social conventions that dominate her society and her family's expectations restrict her goals.
  •The narrative examines issues of social hierarchy, gender inequity, and women's struggles to overcome patriarchal societal norms.
  •Kalyani's goals and the difficulties she encounters in pursuing them are metaphorically represented by the character of the cat on the white roof.
  •Because of how it depicts women's struggles and feminist themes, "Vellai Nirathil Oru Poonai" is recognized as a pioneering work of Tamil literature and was both a critical and commercial success.
  •The book has also been translated into a number of other Indian languages and made into a movie.
  •It continues to be a well-known and significant piece of Tamil literature.