Vishalakshi - 12 Inch | Giri Golu Doll/ Clay/ Gowri Devi/ Navratri Bommai/ Gifts/ Showpiece

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"•Golu is a doll and figurine festival held in South India during Navaratri and Dussehra. It is a set of steps decorated with bommais (dolls) of all shapes and sizes to tell a story about a Hindu or secular cultural issue.
• To enhance the detailing of the golu, add a Kannappar Nayanar doll to your golu padi.
•The Hindu Goddess Parvati, also known as Durga, is represented by Vishalakshi Amman, also called Vishalakshi Devi.
•According to the dictionary, the name ""Vishalakshi"" means ""one with large eyes"" or ""Goddess with expansive vision."" South India, particularly Tamil Nadu, is where she is most adored. The holy mother, venerated as Vishalakshi Amman, is regarded as the personification of kindness, sage wisdom, and grace.
•She is frequently shown with calm features, including big eyes and a soft smile. In other representations, she is seen carrying several qualities belonging to Hindu Goddesses in numerous arms.
•The blessings of Vishalakshi Amman are sought by devotees for knowledge, wisdom, spiritual development, and protection. Prayers, devotional music, and offerings of flowers, fruits, and other things are frequently used to adore her.
•The Vishalakshi Devi Temple in the Indian city of Kashi (Varanasi), in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is the most well-known temple devoted to Vishalakshi Amman. For followers of the goddess, this temple is regarded as a key pilgrimage location.
•It's crucial to remember that Hinduism has a large and varied pantheon with many regional and local types of deities. Although Vishalakshi Amman may not be as well-known as some other Goddesses, she is highly revered and held in high regard by her followers in Tamil Nadu and other regions of South India.
• The unique Vishalakshi Amman doll is fully made up of clay with vibrating colours.
•Decorate your Kolu Padi with this unique collection of Golu dolls for Navarathri from Giri. An ideal present for festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, and housewarming.
•During Navaratri, people visit each other's homes to see the Golu display and offer prayers. It is considered an auspicious time to seek blessings from the Divine and to celebrate the victory of good over evil.
•This set stands apart from the usual golu doll set because it is painted in vivid, rich colors with a different composition and definition."