Sindoor Pot - 2.5 Inches | Wooden Material/ Kumkum Pot for Women and Puja

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Sku : 6384426

Material : Wood

Height : 2.5 Inch

Width : 4.5 Inch

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• Hindu rituals and celebrations frequently involve the use of the sindoor, which is a significant component of Hindu culture. It is regarded as a potent representation of a woman's dedication to her husband, her link to the divine, and her love for him. Sindoor has been important to Hindu culture since ancient times.  
• It is thought to be a representation of a husband and wife's dedication, love, and loyalty to one another. Kumkum's red hue is linked to Durga, the goddess of strength and power, and is thought to bestow luck and favours on the family. The use of sindoor is also regarded as having religious and spiritual importance in several Hindu traditions.  
• In Hindu culture, married women traditionally wear sindoor, commonly referred to as vermilion, which is a reddish-orange-coloured powder or paste. It is placed on the forehead and hair parting; it is sometimes referred to as a mang or bindi. The sindoor, one of the 16 adornments that make up the solah shringar worn by Indian brides, is thought to represent a woman's married status.  
• Storing kungumam in a wooden container keeps the sindoor away from insects, has a beautiful appearance amidst puja items, and lasts for a long time.