Silver Plated Namakuchi - 3.3 Inches | Thiruman Stick/ Nama Kambi/ Namakutchi/ 5 Grams

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Sku : 52505288

Height : 3.25 Inch

Depth : 0.2 Inch

Width : 0.2 Inch

Applying Sri Churnam or Namam is considered an important part of Vaishnavaite traditions. The Namam is said to represent Lord Vishnu, with each part or markings being symbolic of the divine items he possesses in each of his hands. The colours of an entire Namam usually consists of white borders, with a long orange/yellow/red lin in the middle.
 Product Features:
•  This pair of Namakutchis is made of metal and is meant to be used for easy application of Namam.
•  It contains the holy symbols of Lord Narayana as its heads: the Shankh-Chakra. 
•  How to use: Swipe the metal stick on to slightly dampened Namakatti or Srichurnam to coat it evenly. Hold it between to brows to draw a firm line on the forehead.
•  The Namakutchi can be stored along with Namakattis or Srichurnam kit for ease of access. Compact & easy to carry and maintain.
•  The Namakuchi not only makes it easier to apply namam, but also keeps your hands hassle-free and is a dignified method of maintaining traditions.
•  Namam stick holds a great significance in Hindu traditions. It is meant to be the symbol representing Iyengars and Vaishnavites and is one of the primary ways to pay reverence to Lord Narayana.