Yajurveda Upakarma Prayogam

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Language : Sanskrit

Publisher : Giri

Page : 112

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Vedas are classified into Rg, Yaju, Sama and Atharvana. There are many sutras and Bhagas within the Vedas. These sutras lays procedures and methods of performing rites and rituals which are broadly classified to the four asramas (Brahmachari etc.) and further classified into nitya, naimithya and kamya. Nitya Karmas are ordained to be performed without deviation. Upakarma is that part of naimitya karma which is laid down by Sastras for performing year once, as a prayachita for non performing the laid out nitya karma. This work lists out various procedures in detailed description. Given in Tamil fonts, tranlisterated from Sanskrit, this is a guide that could be useful to anyone who could not offer to avail a Brihaspati for performing these rites.