Benefits of 3 Face Rudraksha

Benefits of 3 Face Rudraksha

Presiding Deity: Agni
Ruling Planet: Surya
Beeja Mantra : Om Kleem Namaha

The Three Mukhi Rudraksha represents the element of “Fire”. Just like the fire destroys all impurities in substances and brings about irreversible change similarly this Rudraksha relieves one from the Karmic influences of the past births. It is said that the wearer of three Mukhi would never have to take another birth again, and would attain Moksha. It heals ailments of the stomach, skin, and liver.

Wearing 3 Face Rudraksha Cures All Throat-related Problems.

Which Nakshatra Can Wear 3 Face Rudraksha?

Mirugaseerisham, Chithirai, Avittam (Dhanishtha)

tasya kOTishatam puNyam labhatE dhaaraNaan naraha | lakSHakOTisahasraaNi lakSHakOTishataani cha ||

tajjapaallabhatE puNyam narO rudraakSHadhaaraNaat |

Wearing Rudraksha mala and Rudraksha Bracelet removes the sins committed during the day as well at the night. Merely seeing it produces a multitude of virtues, and handling it generates one crore times the merits. The wearing and performance of Japa using it generates hundreds of millions of times of merits.

dhaatRphalapramaaNam yachChrESHTHamEtadudaahRtam || badareephalamaatram tu madhyamam prOchyatE budhaihi |

It is said that Rudraksha is the best which is as big as a gooseberry. The wise declare the one which has the size of a Badari fruit (Indian berry) to be secondary.

adhamam kSHaNamaatram syaatprakriyaiSHaa mayOchyatE || braahmaNaah kSHatriyaa vaishyaah shoodraashchEti shivaajnyayaa |

The last one which comes in the size of a Bengal gram is inferior. This is the order given out by me. The trees which have sprung up from the earth, by the command of Lord Shiva are classified in four classes, namely, Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Shudra; and each brings benefit in its own order.

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