Durga Ashtami

Durgashtami is the eighth day of the Navratri or Durgotsav festival that is celebrated across different parts of India. This day is attributed to Goddess Shakti, an avatar of Durga who is symbolic of eternal power and the victory of 'good' over the 'evil'.

When is Durgashtami celebrated? Durgashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of Navratri that commences from 'Mahalaya' in the Indian month of Ashwin. This falls in the Shukla paksha of the month. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is celebrated in the month of September-October every year. The story of Durgashtami Goddess kali culminated from the forehead of Devi Durga on this day and killed Mahishasur — the king of Demons and his associates—Chanda and Munda. On this day, Mother Durga annihilated Bhairo Nath, an evil 'tantric' in the form of Vaishno Devi. This incident leads to the history of establishment of the pilgrimage of Vaishno devi and it is said that the famous Bhairo nath temple lies at the site where the head of Bhairo Nath fell after being chucked off by the Goddess.

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