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Giri Australia proudly Presents the SarayuRange of Mandapams.
Our handcrafted and bespoke wooden mandirs will add a special touch to your prayer time. Our wooden altars are carefully manufactured by the finest traditional craftspeople who specialise in
wooden sculpting and are designed to dimensions and proportions that have been followed for centuries. The Sarayu range of wooden temples and prayer units are made from the highest quality Teak wood.

Indian traditional homes have been known for their beautifully crafted and decorated wooden temples and pooja spaces. Every corner of a home has a different meaning depending on the family tradition. Some names given to the temples Mandir,
Mandapam, Devhara, Devghar, Devgriha, Pooja Ghar, Altar, Temple Alwars, Devasthanam.

Giri Australia is here to bring worship spaces to life. A place that is personalized and self-designed, where it is not just about building a mandir, but a bonding ritual by everyone in the family. We are working towards a common goal of making your spiritual connection more prominent and effective. As with any tradition, your sacred space needs to be maintained and nourished.

You can now obtain our one-of-a-kind products and specialised designs by following the three simple steps outlined by our professional design team.

Step One : Select your Design Type - The exquisite range of beautifully pre-designed wooden mandir collection is available in four variations and three sizes. Our experts can recommend the best temple for a more appealing fit.

Step Two : Select your Wood Type - Our experts have created beautiful palettes for you to choose from and we can even help you
mix and match to get a finished look that is exactly how you want it.

Step Three : Select your Finish Type - You can choose from a variety of polish option.
Whether you want a subtle look or an extra shiny look, we have the
perfect one for you!

Looking for something more? We can selectively further embellish your wooden temples or mandirs for your dream homes or offices. Call us now!

Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide: 0410 582 402

Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra: 0422 482 302

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