Koodaravalli (Koodaraivalli) is a function celebrated based on Andal's 27th pasuram. Among the Azhwars, Sri Andal is the only women. Her devotion to Lord Ranganathar gave rise to many pasurams. She sang the Thiruppavai containing 30 verses – one verse for each day of Margazhi (December – January) – in praise of Lord Narayana.This bhakthi endeared her to the Lord, who accepted her as his bride.

On the 27th day, while singing “Koodaarai vellum seer Govinda…”, the Lord blessed her with the boon of marriage. This day every year is celebrated at Koodaravalli to commemorate this event.

27th Day of Margazhi is celebrated as "koodaravalli" hence. Andal with her friends have completed their fasting in this day and started enjoying themselves for the rest three days.

In the second pasuram, “Vaiyathu vaazhvirgal”, Andal details the procedures involved in observing the fast during the month. Sri Andal exhorts us to chant the name of the Lord for the whole day, avoid ghee, milk, have a bath early in the morning (brahmamuhurtham), avoid any adornments like kohl or flowers, avoid all negative emotions and words, do acts of charity, and do one’s duties while singing praises of the Lord.

Sri Andal and her friends complete their fast on the 27th day, and prepare to enjoy themselves for the last three days of the month.

The 27th pasuram, “koodarai vellum” signifies the conclusion of the fast.

koodaarai vellum seer gOvindhaa undhannai(p)

paadi(p) paRai kondu yaam peRum sammaanam

naadu pugazhum parisinaal nanRaaga(ch)

choodagamE thOL vaLaiyE thOdE sevip poovE

paadagamE enRanaiya palagalanum yaam aNivOm

aadai uduppOm adhan pinnE paaR chORu

mooda ney peydhu muzhangai vazhi vaara(k)

koodi irundhu kuLirndhElOr embaavaay

In the 9th decade of Nachiar Thirumozhi, Andal wishes to offer 100 pails of butter and 100 pails of akkara adisial(rice cooked with milk, ghee and jaggery).

In Nachiar Thirumozhi (9.6) Andal sings:

"To the Lord of Malirunsolai surrounded by fragrant groves, I give my word to offer a hundred pots of butter today and a hundred pots of sweet morsel filled to the brim. Will the lord of growing affluence deign to accept them?"

This wish remained in words during the life of Andal and it was Sri Ramanuja who fulfuilled it physically. By revering him as her Annan (elder brother), Andal showed her gratitude to Ramanuja. Henceforth he came to be addressed as the elder brother of Andal though actually, he was centuries younger to her.

On this day, devotees go to the temple, offer Ghee filled Akaravadisal to Lord Govinda and end their fast and also many perform Annadanam. This Year Koodaravalli is celebrated on 11th January 2022.


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