Pancha Deepam Oil Benefits

Pancha Deepam Oil Benefits

Significance Of Lighting A Jyoti Or Kuthuvilakku :

There Are Many Types Of Deeps/ Lamps Which Are Used For Worshipping And They All Have Different Significances In Hindu Traditions:

One Face: Blessed With Medium Benefit

Two Faces: United Family

Three Faces: Blessed With Children

Four Faces: Blessed With Cow, Land Etc.

Five Faces: Increases Wealth, Business, And All Other Things As Per Wish.

Benefits Of Various Oils Used For Jyoti:


Ghee Is Considered One Of The Most Satvic Oil. It Promotes Positivity, Growth, And Expansion Of Consciousness, Increases The Health And Prosperity Of The Household. It Is Capable Of Bestowing Lot Of Blessings.

Gingelly Oil (Til Ka Tel):

To Maintain Good Heart Health, Manage Anxiety And Depression. It Nullifies The Evil Vibrations At Home And Fills The Atmosphere With Highly Positive Vibrations. That Is The Reason This Is Used On A Daily Basis To Light Lamps.

Castor Oil (Erandi Ka Telmade From Castor Plant Seeds, Is A Home Remedy For A Host Of Problems And Capable Of Providing Prosperity And Development

Eluppai Oil (Mahua Oil):

Soothes Skin And Works Positively On Mucos Membranes And Many More. Frees You From All Debts And Evokes Blessings From Lord Siva

Coconut Oil:

Improving Digestion, And Boosting Immunity Against A Host Of Infections And Diseases. Evokes Blessings From Your Family Deities And Increases Family Happiness

Equal Mixture Of All The Above Oils Make Pancha Deepam Oil, Bringing In To Life Equal Mixture Of All The Health Based Benefits To Our Atmosphere Around Us And All Round Prosperity To Our Family.

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