Vaikunta Ekadasi

Vaikunta Ekadasi

Vaikuntah Purushah Praanah Praanadah Pranavah Prithuh                               
 Hiranyagarbhah Shatrughno Vyaapto VaayurAdhokshajah!!

Vaikunta Ekadashi is one of the most important Ekadasis. Ekadashi is an auspicious day dedicated to Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu and falls on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight in the traditional Hindu calendar. In 2017, the date of Vaikunta Ekadasi is Friday, December 29. Swarga Vasal or Paramapada opening is from 3:00 AM on December 29, 2017. Please note that in the United States and the UK it is marked on December 29, 2017. In Australia and New Zealand, it is marked on December 30, 2017. Vaikuntha Ekadasi is observed in the Margali Month (Margazhi Masam) as per Tamil Calendar and in Dhanur Masa as per Telugu Calendar. Vaikuntha Ekadashi is also known as Mukkoti Ekadasi and in Kerala it is known as Swargavathil Ekadasi. Vaikunta Ekadasi festival is more elaborately celebrated by Vaishnavites. It is more prominent for Tamil and Telugu-speaking people. Fasting, keeping vigil at night, and passing through the Vaikunta Dwaram are the important auspicious activities of the day. Significance

The noteworthiness of Vaikuntha Ekadashi is specified in the Padma Purana. The legend says that the Devas, unfit to shoulder the oppression of 'Muran' - an evil spirit, moved toward Shiva, who guided them to Vishnu. A fight followed amongst Vishnu and the devil and Vishnu understood that another weapon was expected to kill Muran. Keeping in mind the end goal to take rest and make another weapon, Vishnu resigned to a give-in for the goddess named Haimavati in Bhadrikashrama. At the point when Muran attempted to kill Vishnu, who was dozing, the female power that rose up out of Vishnu consumed Muran to cinders with her look. Vishnu, who was satisfied, named the goddess 'Ekadashi' and requested that she claim help. Ekadashi, rather, importuned Vishnu that individuals who watched a quick on that day ought to be reclaimed for their wrongdoings. Vishnu along these lines pronounced that individuals who watched a quick on that day and revered Ekadashi would accomplish Vaikuntha. In this manner appeared the principal Ekadashi, which was a Dhanurmasa Shukla Paksha Ekadashi.

Fasting on Ekadashi

Vaikuntha Ekadashi fasting is a vital part of those related to it. Individuals quick the entire day and keep vigil. Uncommon supplications are offered to Vishnu and fans take part in Japa (droning of Vishnu's name) and Dhyana (Meditation). On 'Dashami', the earlier day of the recognition, fans who take up Vaikuntha Ekadashi fasting are to take just lunch. On Ekadashi, the following day, they need to keep up a totally quick and take part in supplications and contemplation of Vishnu. They are entirely precluded from taking rice. That night, individuals keep vigil the entire night and visit the sanctuary of Vishnu, for the most part in the small hours of the morning.

On this day, the Vaikuntha Dwaram or the Vaikuntha Vaasal, 'The Gates of Vaikundam' are accepted to be kept open. The territory encompassing the sanctum is alluded to Vaikuntha Vaasal and aficionados throng to pick up passage into the sanctuary, to look for Vishnu.

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