Navagraha Vastram - 0.80 Mtr | Navgraha Cloth/ Nine Cloth Colour for Pooja/ Polyster Material

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Sku : 302468

Material : Polyester

Height : 29 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 30 Inch

The term "Navagraha Vastram" refers to the particular hues or materials that each of the nine planets (Navagrahas) in Hindu astrology is linked with. It is said that wearing the correct hue of clothing or fabric might help people balance the energy of the matching planet in their lives. The nine planets' corresponding hues are as follows: Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu, and Ketu. In India, it is customary to wear a Navagraha Vastram, especially during significant astrological occasions like childbirth, marriage, and the launch of a new business. Wearing a Navagraha Vastram is seen to have a number of advantages in Hinduism, according to traditional beliefs. It is said that the nine planets, or Navagrahas, have a big impact on a person's life and can affect their health, money, relationships, and general well-being.
  The following are some advantages of wearing a Navagraha Vastram:
  •Equilibrium of the planetary energies It is thought that wearing a Navagraha Vastram will harmonize life and balance the energy of the nine planets.
  •Removes impediments: It is thought that wearing a Navagraha Vastram can assist in reducing impediments and unfavorable planetary effects.
  •Enhances luck: It is thought that the Navagraha Vastram will increase your luck and wealth in life.
  •Enhances health: It is thought that wearing a Navagraha Vastram will enhance health by lessening the negative impact of the planets.
  •Increases riches: It is thought that by enhancing the benefic effects of the planets, wearing a Navagraha Vastram might bring money and prosperity.