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A God revered by millions around the world. The remover of obstacles. The God of wisdom. The son of Shiva and Parvati. It is his birth, Hindus celebrate with great fervour and devotion every year in India. This is the mighty Lord Ganesha, who brings prosperity, success, and fulfillment of desires to his devotees.

• Navratri, marks the most auspicious days, celebrated with great enthusiasm and festivity all over India, dedicated solely to Goddess Durga. The presence of Ganesha during this season is significant to remove obstacles and ensure a successful completion of the festival.
• One of the most well-known gods in the Hindu pantheon is Vinayagar, also known as Ganesha. Vinayagar, according to the puranas, was made by Parvati, Lord Shiva's wife.
• Parvati made the decision to generate a kid out of the mud and sweat from her body because she was feeling lonely while Shiva was away for a lengthy meditation. She gave the statue life and gave him the name Vinayagar.
• While having a bath one day, Parvati asked Vinayagar to watch over the door to her chamber. When Shiva unexpectedly came back and attempted to enter, Vinayagar stopped him because he didn't recognise him as his father. Vinayagar used his power and intelligence to overcome Shiva's army, which had sent them to attack him out of fury. When Shiva realised Vinayagar was not your typical kid, he begged for pardon.
• Vinayagar accepted him as his father and forgiven him. Since that time, Vinayagar has been revered by Hindus as the obstacle-buster and is invoked before starting any new project or endeavour. Another version of the legend claims that Vinayagar was fashioned from clay by Lord Shiva, who used his own divine abilities to do it.
• After giving the statue life, he gave it the name Vinayagar, which means ""lord of the people."" Whatever Vinayagar's real origins, he is revered and considered as a significant divinity in Hinduism. In addition to being frequently found in homes and temples across India, his fame has also expanded to other regions of the globe.
• Beautifully handcrafted with clay by skilled artisans, making them a unique and meaningful piece to be displayed in your Golu Padi. The minimal detail and monotonous colour creates a simple and elegant appearance.
• An excellent gift to your friends and family during this festive season.
• Rejoice and reunite with your loved ones by decorating Kolu Padi, to foster a sense of shared purpose.
• We help you enhance the look of your Kolu Padi this Navrati season with our wide range of Kolu bommai collection, which caters to the theme you have chosen.