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Solapur Lakshmi Golu dolls are traditional crafted dolls made in Solapur, a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. These dolls are specifically associated with the Hindu festival of Navaratri, during which they are displayed in a unique arrangement known as the Golu.
 Product Features:
• Solapur Lakshmi Golu dolls are primarily made of clay or terracotta. Skilled artisans mold the clay into intricate shapes and details to create the dolls. Some dolls may also feature embellishments like paint, beads, or fabric.
• The dolls come in various sizes, ranging from a few inches to a few feet in height. The design typically represents various gods, goddesses, mythological characters, and traditional motifs. The most prominent doll in the collection is the depiction of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.
• The centerpiece of the Golu display is often a beautifully crafted Goddess Lakshmi doll. She is shown seated on a lotus flower, adorned with traditional attire, jewellery, and accessories. The details of the face, hands, and ornaments are meticulously sculpted, capturing the elegance and divinity of the deity.
• The doll is painted in bright hues, with gold, red, green, and blue being common choices. The use of such colours adds to the visual appeal and festive ambiance of the Golu display.
• The making of Solapur Lakshmi Golu dolls involves skilled craftsmanship passed down through generations.
• Solapur Lakshmi Golu dolls hold cultural and religious significance. During Navaratri, families set up displays of these dolls in a tiered arrangement, with each tier representing a different theme or scene. The Golu serves as a way to showcase and honor deities, seek their blessings, and create a sense of community and celebration.
• Solapur Lakshmi Golu dolls are not only cherished during the Navaratri festival but also valued as decorative pieces and collectibles. They represent the rich artistic traditions of Solapur and are a beautiful testament to Indian craftsmanship and religious devotion.
• Plenty of exclusive traditional based products only at GiriAus . Visit our stores and website to embrace our culture and tradition. This is a perfect addition to your home shrine or golu doll display during festive occasions like Navaratri and Dussehra. Dassara dolls are available in various styles on our website. This golu bommai/kolu bommai set makes for a thoughtful gift.